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Visual Magic's Premium Magic & Used Magic List

Very few items are available at this time.

Come August 2014, we will have dozens of hard to find items available.

All prices listed are excluding shipping costs! We will quote a shipping price if you provide your mailing address.




Fifi, The Card Bird -  $180

This beautiful effect is from the ingenious mind of Jack Hughes, the same man who brought you the famous Dove through Glass and many other effects.

Fifi is the card-pickingest weirdo bird that you have ever seen. A spectator chooses a card which is then shuffled back into the pack. The pack of cards is then placed into Fifi's feeding pail. Fifi now dips down into the pail and emerges with the selected card.

This is an ingenious, trouble-free and foolproof method of finding a selected card. The apparatus which is 16" high is hand painted by our artist and when he is finished ,,,,,,, Fifi is a true beauty!


Dove Through Glass -  $235
A wooden-framed, clear Plexi-glass panel and it's base are freely shown and inspected by the spectators. Two small doors in the center of the glass frame appear to be a portal, but the spectators can see and feel that the solid sheet extends within. The magician then takes a dove and pushes the bird directly through the portal, physically penetrating the solid glass panel! This is without a doubt as perfect an illusion as possible. It can be performed anywhere, even while completely surrounded! A billard ball wrapped in the center of a 36" colored silk looks equally superb as the dove penetrating the glass. Worth every penny - this is know to be a best seller. (Color may be red or blue - your choice)  The apparatus stands 24" high.


Silk Cabby -  $65.00
(Used - Excellent condition)
A highly versatile cabinet with front and back doors used for producing, vanishing or exchanging silks. Stream-lined and handsomely decorated the uses of this silk cabby are limited only by your imagination. Fully self-contained, no manual manipulation is required. (Pictured hear both opened and closed -- the dimensions are 3" x 5" x 7")


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(Used - Excellent condition)
Vintage 1970 Mak Magic               $325.00

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